What Makes a Great TV Commercial?

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At first glance, a TV commercial seems like an easy thing to do. You create something that will grab the viewers attention and you’re done right? Wrong! There is more to making a great TV commercial than just creating something that grabs your audience’s attention. In this article we will discuss what makes a good tv commercial so you can have one of those as well!

Keep it short

The average attention span on a TV commercial is thirty seconds. If the commercial goes over that time, viewers will start to lose interest. To make a television commercial successful, you want to keep the content short and sweet.

The purpose of any advertisement is to capture people’s attention for as little time as possible while delivering its message without being excessively flashy or distracting from the product itself.

Keep it simple

The purpose of a TV commercial is to sell something, so keep the message and visuals straightforward. When in doubt, be more minimal with your design.

A TV commercial should be a short, concise message that is engaging without being too crowded or complicated. A great tv commercial will keep the attention of the viewer right up until they hear what they need to know and see what they want to see.

Don’t crowd the commercial with too many words or pictures; a great TV spot will be clear and concise.

Keep the message and visuals simple in order to maintain interest while not overloading viewers with too much information.

Keep it memorable

To make a TV commercial successful you want to make it memorable. Make sure the commercial is original and not easily forgettable.

The last thing you want to do when making a TV spot is make your viewer feel like they can’t remember what the ad was about five minutes after viewing it, so be creative and think outside of the box!

Create a good story

To make a good story, the narrative should have a clear beginning and end.

Earned media is more powerful than paid media; find out what worked well in other ads to create your own. Get input from your friends about the flow of your commercial. Good tv commercials use effective storytelling techniques to make their point.

A good TV commercial will have a specific goal, such as solving a problem or creating desire. In addition, it should be short and stand out from the rest of the noise in your market. It also needs to evoke emotional responses like happiness and sadness which are often accompanied by laughter or tears respectively. A common mistake that many brands make is making their commercials too complex with too much information for the viewer to easily understand what they’re trying to get across- this leads them quickly forgetting about it after watching it. What separates successful ads from unsuccessful ones is brevity; simply getting your point across concisely can help you better achieve your goals when advertising on television.


A great tv commercial will keep the attention of the viewer right up until they hear what they need to know and see what they want to see. For this reason, it is important that you make your advert short, sweet, simple and memorable so people don’t forget about it or get bored before hearing all of your messages! Keep in mind: less is more; be creative; take risks with design (not too many words).

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