Ways to Build Depth and Emotional Intimacy With Your Partner

Many people are looking for ways to improve their relationships. If you are searching for love or trying to save your relationship from falling apart, there is hope!  There are many things that you can do to build a stronger emotional connection with your partner and make them feel more loved.

As a romantic relationship progresses, there is always the question of how more depth and emotional intimacy can be created.

What is Emotional Intimacy?

Emotional intimacy is a deep, personal connection with another person. It’s the kind of closeness that allows you to share your true feelings and thoughts without being judged or ridiculed. Deep emotional connections are very important in any relationship because they allow partners to trust each other unconditionally on an intellectual level as well as emotionally.

The following are some ways that partners in relationships may find to deepen their connection, and you can start today.

Set aside time to talk about your day

Experts agree that there should be time set aside for couples to connect. Conversations about your day and other events in life are one way of keeping the spark alive!

The conversation should be a two-way street, so each partner is able to share their perspective and thoughts about what has happened.  This will help you get closer with your partner by understanding them more.

It may also lead to having other conversations that can bring up old memories from the past or dreams for the future together.

Be honest with how you’re feeling, even if it’s something negative

How deep can your love go?  How much emotional intimacy do you crave with someone else?  Whether it’s a romantic partner or not, being in an emotionally intimate relationship is beneficial for everyone.  It helps people cope better and has been shown to reduce stress levels among others as well.  One way that couples make their relationships deeper and more emotive is by communicating honestly about how they feel at any given moment,  no matter what the situation may be like, whether good or bad. Consider if there are things bothering you but haven’t shared yet because of fear — now would be a great time.

This will show them that they are important enough for you to want to make things better together.  This will also stop the cycle of emotions from one person to another.

People have a tendency to avoid difficult conversations with their partners, but this is not something that has to be avoided any longer. The goal when speaking honestly about what you’re feeling is not to make judgments or accusations — it’s simply an opportunity for both people in the relationship to  be heard and listened to.

This will also allow your partner a chance at being proactive in the conversation, instead of feeling like they’re always reacting or defending themselves from blame.

This is not just about having difficult conversations with those that you love — it’s an opportunity for better understanding who we are as individuals by listening to someone else.

Share a positive experience or memory together

Have you ever just sat down with your partner and talked about an experience or moment that was really meaningful to both of you? It’s a simple thing, but it can make all the difference in how close partners feel. For example, I remember when my boyfriend took me on this drive through the mountains one day after work – he had planned out little surprises for me along our route, and it made everything seem like such an adventure.  Now every time we go on trips together I always look forward to those fun things!

Share something embarrassing from childhood/their past (that they are open talking about) and how they felt

How did you feel when your partner shared this embarrassing moment with you?

What can happen as a result of telling each other these stories and talking about our feelings around them, is that we get to know what’s going on in the emotional life of our partners. This deeper understanding can also lead to a more satisfying relationship too.  It would be so much fun to share.

Make an effort to touch one another and show physical affection

Touch is a  critical element in building intimacy and emotional connection with the other person. Touching someone else can make them feel safer, more relaxed, less lonely, or isolated, and it will also promote physical healing too.

An important way that we can bond with our partners is by touching them. This might sound a little uncomfortable to some of us, but in reality, it’s not at all awkward or risqué when you do it correctly and consensually.  Touching has many benefits for both parties involved, so make the effort! 

Express appreciation for the things your partner does for you, big or small

It’s important to give appreciation and validation when it is due. Expressing gratitude for the things your partner does will make them feel appreciated, loved, and special.

Expressing to your partner how much you cherish and appreciate what they do for you can start building a deep emotional connection.  This is something big or small, it could be as simple as the way in which they text “I love my girlfriend!” at 3am when their alarm wakes them up! Or maybe just holding hands while sitting on the couch watching Netflix together.  It might not seem like anything special, but that’s because we’re used to doing these things with our partners often and don’t think about expressing gratitude every time. 

Expressing gratitude and verbally telling your partner how much you treasure them can have a deep emotional impact on their mental state, as well as yours. Not only does this make the person feel loved, but it also increases the sense of intimacy between two people.

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