How to Spice Up Your Marriage

man and woman holding hands

Spice up your marriage! That’s the phrase that many people use to describe adding a little extra excitement to their relationship. But how do you make it happen? In this blog post, we will talk about ways that can help spice up your marriage and get things back on track.

1. Go on a date night every week

Go on a date night every week. Plan an evening that’s just the two of you; no kids, TV or phones allowed! The more we’re engaged in our marriage, the better it is for everyone else as well. Having some one-on-one time will also help to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

It might seem like going on dates every week sounds pricey – but there are plenty of things you can do without spending any money at all: go ice skating together, have dinner outside under the stars or simply make homemade pizza with each other while watching Gilmore Girls (or whatever your favorite show). Anything really goes so long as you spend quality time together and disconnect from technology–which will lead to us reconnecting with each other.

2. Create a bucket list together and make sure to cross off at least one item each month

The secret to a great marriage is intentional time together. One way you can build your relationship with your spouse or partner is by creating a bucket list and crossing off one item per month. You can also try taking on new experiences like going bowling, cooking out, playing putt-putt golf, renting bikes for the day at the park, or having dinner in an outdoor hut under the stars–topics that may not have come up before because of lack of interest or busy schedules.

3. Be open to trying new things, especially if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance

Remind your partner that it’s always an adventure to try new things, because you never know what may become a favorite activity.

Get out of the house and explore something different together–even if you already went once with friends or by yourself. There are many ways for couples to find new adventures without adding too much pressure: take turns planning date nights, go on weekly hikes in your local state park (or any other area), spend one weekend per month exploring somewhere outside your zip code each time, go geocaching together when there is nothing else exciting to do near home (this can be done individually as well). And don’t forget about taking care of yourselves! This means making sure both partners get enough sleep and exercise every week.

4. Have an “I love you” jar – when someone does something nice for their spouse, they put in a quarter or dollar into that jar .

When the jar is full, they should do something nice for their spouse.

5. Make time for sex even if it’s just once per week (or more!)

There are many health benefits in improving your sex life as a couple. Try doing them or have a schedule! Regular intercourse with your partner can boost your mood, make your marriage more exciting, improve sleep and enhance brain function.

6. Put your phone away during dinner so you can focus on each other and talk about your day.

Putting away phones during dinner will both give you and your partner an opportunity to have better time talking and sharing about what happened to both of you during the day. It can be about work, or sharing new discoveries, new favorites (like a new song your partner just heard), or anything under the roof. It can help both of you understand what you’re going through and be considerate about each other’s current moods!

7. Get creative – paint your bedroom or buy new sheets.

To improve the intimacy in your life, one that can stand out for many couples is painting or buying a new bed set. You can also try improving where you live! Try renovating the locations in your house, improving your bedroom, kitchen, living room, your doors and windows (which you can choose different styles from window and door stores), and bathroom (especially your bathtub!). Improving your house will give both of you a different feeling, and also a great bonding experience thinking and styling your house.

8. Do one nice thing for them everyday, like leaving a note on their pillow or cooking dinner.

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life and forget that your spouse is there by your side. Doing one nice thing for them everyday will help you reconnect with each other and remind you what they mean to you. You can make their favorite food, write a note on their pillow when they wake up or do anything else creative! The important part is remembering them every day and making time for just the two of us.

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