How to Spice Up Your Long Distance Relationship

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If you’re in a long distance relationship, it can be hard to keep the flame alive. Whether it’s due to busy work schedules or other commitments, sometimes couples find that they have less and less time for each other. The good news is there are tons of ways to make your long-distance relationship more exciting! Read on for some helpful tips on how to spice things up when you’re far apart from each other.

* Make dates specific – not only with each other but with friends and family as well. This ensures everyone understands what they’re doing on any given day and who they’re doing it with.

* Send gifts and cards to one another – this is a great way to show your love even if you can’t be together physically! You might send funny pictures, souvenirs from trips or just items that remind you of the other person. It’s always nice to receive something in the mail when times get tough and long-distance takes its toll on relationships.

* Stay connected through social media –¬†long-distance couples know this well, but staying connected on social media is an important way to show support for one another. Follow the long distance partner’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so you always know what they’re up to or share a special moment with them via Snapchat!

* Make a list of your long-distance relationship goals – it can be as simple as setting aside time each day when you call/stream video chat or send texts back and forth if that helps get through long workdays. When these times come around, make sure not to talk about anything negative because it will only cause more strain on both parties. It’ll also help keep those positive vibes going all week long!

* Create funny pictures or produce sweet videos including your moments when you were together and send them to your partner. In this way you can reminisce your time when you were with your partner personally and talk about the funny ones, cherished times. You can create videos personally or get help from professional video editing services.

* Keep up with plans via email or video chat so both parties know what the other has been doing throughout every day they’re apart from each other – Send care packages containing gifts such as candy bars or lotion along with letters telling them about their favorite TV shows airing on television right now – Play long distance games such as Cards Against Humanity or Scrabble.

* Make an effort to have Skype dates with each other every day during work hours so it feels like they’re still there in their partner’s office all day long.

* Send your sweetheart love letters written on postcards from what ever city you happen to be visiting when you go away for business trips. They will feel less lonely knowing that someone misses them while they are away.

* Send long messages to one another and take time out for long conversations over the phone during lunch breaks or dinner if you’re away from your partner because of work obligations, etc. – Use emoticons on social media platforms such as Instagram to show how much you miss them when they are away on business trips or vacationing with family members instead of spending their limited free time in front of a computer screen trying to make long distance relationships more fun.

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