6 Things to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Wedding Reception

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Choosing a wedding location can be tough. You have to consider the weather, the scenery, and how many people will be able to make it. This article should help you narrow down your choices by giving you five things to think about before making your final decision!

1. Does wedding colors and theme matches the location

Venue decorations and the look and feel of the reception is a very important thing to consider.

If the venue is dark and doesn’t look like you envisioned, then your guests may miss that it’s a wedding reception because of all the decorations.

Venues usually have their own preferred color scheme so before choosing anything specific, check with them first about what they recommend for weddings at their location.

2. Estimate how many people will be able to attend and if the location can accommodate them

Determining the number of people you expect to attend should be considered when choosing a wedding reception location. If you estimate that 60 people will be in attendance, but the venue can only hold 50 it might not work out as well as expected.

3. The scenery matters too – Is there an outdoor space for great pictures and for guests to enjoy

It’s a one in a lifetime and precious event and having a beautiful place for pictures is important to store beautiful memories. It also matters for your guests and to help them enjoy the place.

A good scenery will help you have a memorable event. You or your guests might not remember which food or couch they sat on, but you’ll remember the surroundings. Your guests will also appreciate it more because of the beautiful atmosphere.

4. Consider how much time will be available – Are there enough hours for you as well as your guests?

Time is precious and you don’t want to end up rushing your guests because of it.

The time available for the event can be used in multiple ways that will all affect the quality of the event. If there are not enough hours, then you might need to cut some activities or food options. This way, only essential things happen during this time and bad things don’t happen because you had to rush.

This means that it’s good if the time available is longer than what you think will be needed, but this can also lead to problems because then you need to fill up all of this time and might end up not having enough activities or food options.

5. How will your guests get there – their needs for lodging and transportation

Choose a wedding reception that is near enough to your guests so they don’t have too much trouble getting there. It also matters if it’s close to where most of them are coming from because this can be useful in transportation and lodging possibilities, which makes the trip easier for both you and your guests.

This doesn’t mean that if one or two of them are far away that you shouldn’t choose this venue, but it’s good to keep in mind because the closer they are, the easier it is for your guests.

If for some reason, you chose a venue that is far from your guests, you may arrange for transportation like hiring services from bus hire companies so guests won’t have a problem getting to your wedding.

6. Finally, don’t forget about budget!

You’ll need to know how much money you have before choosing a place that’s out of your price range.

It’s important that you know what your budget is and then choose a place within it. This way, if the prices are not in your price range at all or they’re too high for you to afford, there won’t be any problems because this one location will fit perfectly with your budget.

This means that before choosing where to have your wedding reception, it’s important to do some research and set a budget that you will stick with. Knowing how much money is available can help you choose the perfect place for your wedding among many venues.

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