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    Marriage and money help but don’t lead to long-lasting happiness

    Shutterstock Nathan Kettlewell, University of Technology Sydney; Nick Glozier, University of Sydney, and Richard Morris, University of Sydney We live in a culture that values “experiences”. These are often promoted in the media, and by those selling them, as vital to enhancing our well-being. We all know big life events like marriage, parenthood, job loss and the death of loved one can affect our well-being. But by how much and for how long? We set out to measure the effect of major life events – 18 in total – on well-being. To do so we used a sample of about 14,000 Australian adults tracked over 16 years. Some of our…

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    How your behaviour in childhood predicts whether you’ll be in a relationship as an adult

    Children perceived as kind and considerate were more likely to form sustained partnerships. Anxious children were more likely to be unpartnered in early adulthood. (Shutterstock) Francis Vergunst, Université de Montréal The question of how to find a steady romantic partnership is among the oldest human predicaments. There is consequently considerable interest in what factors might predict partnership success. Traits like warmth, conscientiousness, agreeableness and trust all seem to matter. But can behaviour in childhood predict your future partnering prospects? In a new study published with my colleagues in Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry we show that children rated by their elementary schoolteachers as being anxious or inattentive were more…